The Road to Adoption: Our Second Curveball

This is part of our ongoing adoption story; read last week’s post right here!As I mentioned last week, we experienced a curveball after realizing our first choice of country was closed for international adoption. I’d felt unsettled and discouraged, until I received the opportunity to visit Africa and came home with a renewed sense of purpose and direction for an Ethiopian adoption. We were well on our way to navigating the process when we reached our second roadblock…AdvertisementIt happened shortly after we’d chosen an agency we trusted (more on this later!). We’d filled out the required preliminary paperwork, spoken with an assigned social worker who fielded questions, concerns, etc, and began making plans for an Ethiopian child.And then, we heard the news: Ethiopia was closed. There had been quite a few years of corruption and child-trafficking,baby clothes, and the government wouldn’t allow international adoption until the situation was remedied (an estimated seven years).The news, for me, was bittersweet. Although I was discouraged and admittedly disoriented (I didn’t feel a specific connection to another country and wasn’t quite ready to give up on our Ethiopian plans),baby safety, I rested easy knowing the corruption was being sifted through, challenged. As much as we wanted to adopt from Ethiopia, it was more important to us that these children were receiving homes in the most ethical way possible.And so, we stepped back to square one. There were many other countries with children in need – China, Haiti, Uganda – but we didn’t feel a close connection to another area. How would we choose?The answer was in our own backyard, quite literally…Stay tuned next week to hear why we’re choosing a domestic adoption!
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