I eventually changed to Mut 21 coins franchise this past year and the sport seems virtually untouched apart from cartoons, distinct menu, and different players. Back when madden was in its prime in Madden 07, you'd have never thought that over 10 years after madden would have taken a massive step back. With MUT pulling in a great deal of cash EA doesnt care to center on Franchise and actual gameplay.Only thing worse than the gameplay is that the soundtrack. When I fucking hear anybody say"dip it in rotation" I shall falcon punch their fucking throat.

I have not gotten a brand new Madden because M25 (was tired of paying $60 for the identical game every year) but thought it would be nice to have since football might or might not have a full season this year. This"storyline" is really lazy and so stupid. A college coach swapping QBs on a tournament run just for kicks? Then names another man the starter for next season even after you just won him a National Championship? Who came with this garbage???Franchise style seems like the better thing to do. More to perform and more choices to make and that I like the option to undergo it as a coach or player.

Guess I will just stick with this mode.Why can not they keep stats of your online ranked games? It stinks that you can not see your stats and see them build. Or at least create a companion program to monitor stats!! "It's in the game! I want stats and also to be able to see my drama history, not wins and losses. The ONLY reason I purchase is to play online!Why did any of you buy it? Y'know it's hot ass. You know we've been complaining about this shit for a long time. Why purchase it. Show EA with your pockets. They do not care about the mad reddit post.No they didn't.

The further they keep doing this where they support this material with micro trades and also targeting it at children which is buy Madden 21 coins sketchy as snowball, the more they get just a fuckton of money to do exactly the same thing next year in which they just show off the same shit year. If they listened to the true fans and made realistic gameplay and a franchise that was realistic, and made ultimate team a thing that you truly get better at by playing instead of paying, then they'd have a good game.