Overall perspective of Vincity Grand Park project in District 9 with 365ha scale

Vinhomes Grand Park apartment project is located at the front of Nguyen Xien Street, located adjacent to Phuoc Thien and Tac rivers on the two sides of Long Binh Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

What does Vinhomes Grand Park District 9 have?

Vinhomes Grand Park project location in District 9

The project is planned to include high-rise and low-rise areas on an area of ​​365ha, with a construction density of about 20-25%. Vincity Grand Park is designed to include 22 - 36-storey towers, providing approximately 44,000 apartments with area from 36 - 89m2, from 1-3 bedrooms.

Industry insiders said that the low-rise area of ​​Vincity Grand Park has about 3,000 townhouses with an area of ​​100-150m2, villas of 200-400m2 and shophouse of 100 - 250m2 area.

Although the investor has not officially announced the project, the information about Vincity is introduced by brokers quite a lot.

Ann Home said that Vinhomes Grand Park apartments have 3 forms of handover, including complete handover, complete handover and furniture finishing (excluding electronic furniture).

Also according to this unit, căn hộ Vinhomes Grand Park 's apartment payment method is divided into 8 batches. In the first phase, customers will sign a deposit agreement of VND 50 million. In the next round, customers sign a written agreement to pay 15% of the apartment value after 5 days of signing a deposit agreement. Phase 3, customers sign a formal sale and purchase contract of 15%. In phase 4, after 4 months of signing a purchase contract, customers continue to pay 15% of the apartment value. In the 5th round, after 4 months from the 4th round, customers will pay 10% of the apartment value. On installments 6 and 7, customers only pay 10% of the value of the apartment, each time 4 months apart. At the last round, customers proceeded to receive the handover after 1 month from the 7th round and pay the remaining 25%.

According to Vingroup, despite being a popular product, VinCity still has utility infrastructure and synchronous services to help residents enjoy all the utilities and green space from the river and park area like the clusters. education (Vinschool inter-school system), medical cluster (Vinmec hospital system), sport area (gym, Vincham spa system), cultural area, shopping and entertainment center, area landscape (green tree park about 35ha), community living area.

The group said that in the next 5 years, it will supply about 300,000 low-cost Vincity apartments in the provinces and cities nationwide, which focus on Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

It is expected that Vinhomes Grand Park District 9 will be partially completed in 2019